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Green Schools

Green Schools

We have already attained our Litter and Waste flag by taking an in depth look at both litter and waste in our school. We found ways to eliminate litter and reduce waste output. The theme was a great starting point for encouraging a sense of personal pride and responsibility in tackling two visible issues in schools and communities.

We are continuing to encourage this sense of personal pride and responsibility and are currently in our first year of working towards our second Green Flag based on the topic of Water. We are looking at how much water our school uses and aim to reduce this.

There are seven themes in total, and we hope that over the course of our journey we can make our school grounds a beautiful and environmentally friendly place to learn.

Our Green-Schools Committee have come up with a Green Code to help us to remember to dispose our litter appropriately and to conserve water.

Litter Green Code

If you see litter by your feet,

Pick it up and clean the streets.

Water Green Code

Don’t follow the crowd that leaves the tap on,

Don’t use all our water ‘cause soon it’ll be gone.

Water isn’t ours to waste so please go check for leaks,

We’ll have to save the world in haste or our future will be bleak.

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